Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Not the Years, Honey...

I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days and weeks, trying to make sense of what happened, how it happened, and the impact of the various changes that have taken place.

Four months ago, I was proud to celebrate my fifth anniversary. Within days, I learned of a betrayal...and as the weeks have continued, I have learned of other betrayals. Broken trust, broken confidences, broken promises. The hits keep coming and I keep trying to understand how things have changed so much in so short of time.

The most trusted person in my life four months ago has become, well, among the least trusted...and the least respectful. It gives me pause...and it's made me think...and rethink...a lot of the past.

A friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous because I don't have permission to "out" her here, put it this way, "Betrayal takes away your past as well as your present." She's quite right. I recently looked back at a number of photographs of earlier times and I couldn't help but see them in light of today's knowledge. The same is true of some of my previous posts, one of which I'll highlight in a couple of weeks.

Three years ago, I took a picture. It was just after the Reconciliation and I was struck by the loving emotion, promise, and happiness it showed. It meant a lot to me; I used to keep it on the refrigerator because it spoke volumes to me about how far I thought my relationship had matured. "We'd been through so much," I thought, "Surely we can survive anything."

I recently burned that photo in a personal ceremony designed to recognize the ashes my hopes had become...a ceremony designed to help me release those dreams. I want to open myself to new hopes, new dreams, new ideas, and new beginnings.

And yet, as I face the prospect of opening myself to these things, I do I open my heart again? I gave everything I had to my previous relationship...and it wasn't enough. Can I truly take that leap of faith once more?

The part my friend didn't connect to is that betrayal also affects your future. One of the many questions I'm trying to answer is, "How do I trust again?" Here's another, "How do I open my heart that completely again?" A third, "How do I seriously believe that I can allow someone that much access to my inner self again?"

In one sense, it's hideously another, it's pathetic and ridiculous. I have so much love to give and give so much of myself to a relationship...and, yet, I continue to fall for women who can neither recognize the rarity of such gifts nor honor...or respect...the risks associated with unconditional love. These women ply their own agendas. They take and they give as little of themselves as they can to get what they want.

Oh, I know. I'm being a little bitter and I'm throwing myself a nice little pity party here. But even as I recognize that, I also recognize that there is truth in these doubts. In so much that I can no longer trust either of the women I once called "wife," I wonder if I can trust anyone with my heart...or my soul...again.

It concerns me. It concerns me because I have chosen to live my life in a way that allows me to love freely...and completely. I don't play games with my heart because, well, frankly it takes a lot of energy to play games, energy I'd rather spend communing, flirting, playing, collaborating, exploring, giggling, tickling, cuddling, and well I'm sure you can imagine the next few action words.

When I think about the possibilities of actually having opportunities to suit those words to actions, it makes me stop for a moment. You know what? It actually makes me a little nervous, truth be told.

I realize that I don't want to go through this; I don't want to start over again. I have to, of course, but it's not something I really want to do.

I remember a certain moment, standing on a department store roof overlooking the Paris skyline. I remember the thrill of watching someone realize a lifelong dream. I remember the flash of love in her well as the joy of discovering things in a city I'd never been and probably wouldn't have gone to without her influence, help, or dream. (I remember other things about that trip and see them in a completely different light than I did then, but that is a story for a different post. This post is about me and how betrayal has affected my perspective.)

I have to admit that there's something exceedingly tempting about running away. How nice it would be to grab my kit, spend my last few on a ticket, and blow this popsicle stand for a new set of constellations and a new opportunity at life.

I can't, of course, because I'm connected to my daughters and will not abandon them. Also, I have responsibilities, such as financial commitments I'm still trying to figure out how to meet and pets to care for, but it is a very appealing and romantic vision, isn't it?

I'm beginning to yearn for new discoveries. And you know what? I think I'm going to start saving for a ticket somewhere. Where? I don't know yet. Barcelona? Tokyo? Rio? Dublin? Rome? I haven't decided. I do know that my last two trips abroad included a person who eventually backstabbed me.

I have pleasant memories of those trips, but those memories are tainted. I will not forget the good times, nor will I poison them with untruths about what "really" happened. I will remember those times as truthfully as I can. A scar, however, is a scar.

I think I'm going to do something else, instead. I am going to complement those memories with better ones. It may take a few years to arrange, but at some point, I'm going to stand at an overlook in an exotic location, one I've never been. I will look at the view and will have my own realization, my own dream fulfillment. I will know that I am there in spite of the betrayals in my life.

And you know what? I think that's going to feel good.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is light at the end of this dark abiss...whats wrong with me sometimes...

7:43 AM  
Blogger Footpad said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I deleted a comment becaused it disparaged the nature of my ex's new relationship, which doesn't really matter.

What matters is how she handled the beginning of that relationship and what she's done since it began.

Some have called her actions brave and courageous. I believe teh current state of affairs (and her recent actions) have shown otherwise.

Sometimes, it's not what we do that is evil, it's how we do it.

The original comment did have one piece of truth, there *is* light at the end of the dark abyss. I simply hope I have the courage to fully embrace it when I get there.


9:37 AM  
Blogger Whitesnake said...

roll with the punches...they don't hurt as much......

1:57 PM  

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