Thursday, September 01, 2011

Lumbering to wakefulness

" It's an art to live with pain... mix the light into grey." 
-- attributed to Eddie Vedder

And, voila, two years blink by.


I'm still here.  The blog isn't dead...entirely.  It's been, well, resting a bit after a particularly loud squawk.

Things have happened, without comment.  Things continue to happen.  "Change happens."

Life...proceeds.  Healing...kind of.  It's been hard to clean up the mess that was dropped into my lap.  It's been hard to find... understanding. It's been hard to find... relief.  It's been hard to keep struggling.

And, yet, I must.  As long as it takes.

In the end, it's all just shades of grey...and up to us to figure out our monochromatic comfort levels.

-- f

Photo credit: Phil Whitehouse

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