Thursday, July 05, 2007

On Broken (Political) Promises

Some years ago, our current President promised to be a uniter, not a divider. He promised to restore dignity to the White House. He promised to hold his staffers accountable for illegal actions.

Promises are like eggs...easily broken. If I may be allowed to offend the metaphor, I believe President Bush has not only broken his promises, he's pitched the entire carton to the curb and ground it underfoot, gleefully cackling at his "cleverness."

My darling JP has done a terrific job of collecting responses to the President's commutation of I. Lewis ("Scooter") Libby's prison sentence. Like her, I am completely disgusted by the President's action. While Junior (my pet name for him) may feel Libby's sentence excessive, I wonder about his feelings regarding Valerie Plame's career prospects, which have been seriously compromised because someone in the current administration decided to break the law and play politics with her identity...all because her husband wouldn't sign off on the *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Saddam "bombs-for-oil" blame game.

In trying to research a post that didn't completely rip-off my wife's, I came across this video clip by Keith Olbermann, which accurately captures my disgust and sentiment toward the (second) Bush Presidency at the moment. It's blunt and it's clear that Olbermann is passionate about his feelings. (If you don't want to watch the ten minute video, you can find the transcript here.)

The only thing I would add to Olberman's calls is a reminder that trust is like an egg....easily broken and nearly impossible to rebuild.

Photo credit: Richard Sweet

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Blogger giggles said...

How lucky are we, our Prime Minster is pals with junior! They say birds of a feather flock together…hmmm, should I be worried? But of course…I think he’s already broken a few promises! I like the egg metaphor…kind of like humpty dumpty, all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put humpty together again either! It will take years to eradicate damage caused by this administration. I’m sad for all of you!

12:19 AM  
Blogger Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Your piece beautifully connected to mine ... that Olbermann commentary is absolutly brilliant. I wish it was playing 24/7 on every channel. xx, JP

10:34 AM  

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