Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fiddling Around

I don't claim to be a Photoshop expert by any means. Over the years, I've self taught myself enough to be dangerous (as in scaaarry) in the various graphics programs I use.

Even so, my darling threw down a gauntlet and invoked one of my favorite movies while doing so. I could hardly resist.

And, so, with little further ado, I present my snap of a certain garden gnome.

We didn't really speak much. I tried to draw him out, but he was a bit taciturn. Perhaps it's the Hollyweird influence. Nevertheless, I hope he enjoyed his trip through a small fantasy. After all, I could have taken him to the Travelocity set...and I can't imagine that being terribly entertaining in the long haul.

So, Tim, whoever you are, here's a shout out. Perhaps a bit obvious, but, hey...who can't use free publicity? ;-)


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