Monday, October 09, 2006

What, Precisely, is RL?

In IM (instant message) parlance, RL is an acronym for "Real Life," a phrase used to denote the things that happen to you outside of some safe zone. It's hardly original to the IM scene; I've personally seen it used on BBS sites, Usenet, CompuServe (BSC, Before Steve Case), BIX, and other older online communications systems.

This blog is my attempt to make sense of my real life, a place where I intend to talk about the things I feel, think, and otherwise experience.

I don't plan to use real names for non-public figures. Nor do I plan to talk, in any way, about what I do for a living or who I work for. Things will be slightly pixelated, anonymized to protect the innocent, the guilty, and (especially) the litigious.

I don't want you looking at my posts based on my professional status. I don't want you thinking my thoughts represent any person, place, or other (quasi-)legal entity. These are my thoughts, written on my time, my equipment, and my bandwidth.

They reflect the electrical impulses in my mind and will probably be disavowed by the Secretary if caught or captured. (Cue repetitive music that somehow manages to groove anyway.)

So now you understand the first part of the blog's name. As for the second, well, I remember when TV shows would proudly announce themselves as presented "in Technicolor."

It's my life. If you have thoughts about the way I present it, please feel free to comment. I'll listen. I may not agree...and that's OK. This is supposed to be a free country. So let's agree when we can and respect each other when we can't agree.

In the mean time, thanks for stopping by.


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